A Safety Shield for Kenyans Erected in a POWERCHINA-led Irrigation and Flood Control Project Along the Nzoia River

BEIJING, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A report from haiwainet.cn:

The Nzoia River is Kenya’s second longest river which stretches 257 kilometers. Every year, the river bursts its banks during the country’s rainy season, bringing nearby farms and villages to ruin.

In order to control flood disasters and ensure the safety of local residents, POWERCHINA, a China-based global leader in infrastructural construction, launched a project in 2018 dedicated to the irrigation and flood control of the lower reaches of the Nzoia River. At present, the trial in the first irrigated area has been conducted successfully, and the whole project is expected to complete in September, 2023.

Recently, The Star, a Kenyan newspaper, featured a full-page report on the project. Hon. Eng. Joshua Ngugi Toro, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kenya National Irrigation Authority, expressed in interviews his satisfaction with and appreciation of the project’s quality and the progress of construction. Mr. Toro said that Mr. William Ruto, President of Kenya, also attached great importance to the project. He promised to do his utmost to address practical difficulties for the project, such as delayed land expropriation and demolition, so that the project will be completed on schedule.

A key project on irrigation and water conservancy in Kenya, it will cover 11,000 acres of agricultural irrigated land in Siaya and Busia counties, benefiting more than 12,500 farmers. In addition, the project will protect over 70,000 people from floods, and create thousands of jobs. It will lend strength to Kenya’s efforts in ensuring food security, promoting economic growth and enhancing its ability to cope with climate change.

In the near future when the construction is finished, it can be foreseen that the Nzoia River will further extend its benefits, through a network of channels, to millions of households, and solid levees will protect residents from the plague of floods and bless them with a life full of happiness.

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