Adamastor is the premium engineering centre where the first Portuguese supercar is being developed

Production of high-quality carbon fibre components at the core of the business

PORTO, Portugal, March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From its facilities in Perafita, on the outskirts of Porto, Adamastor is currently working on the development of the first Portuguese supercar. But the highly specialised team working in the areas of engineering, production and design also has the technical and human resources to design, develop and produce its own tools, equipment and other components, and is also committed to becoming a leader in the execution of engineering projects of excellence at international level, with a special focus on the design of carbon fibre components of the highest quality. Adamastor Advanced Technologies was born.

Adamastor, the first Portuguese supercar is about to be born

Although the Portuguese company is fully focused on conquering its space in the exclusive low-volume supercar segment, it also aims to establish itself as a centre of excellence by providing consultancy, design and engineering conception services through Adamastor Advanced Technologies.

In order to achieve this, it uses cutting-edge technical solutions, from the design stages to validation, obviously including development and production, and it has all the skills and competences that allow it, for example, to stand out as one of the main players in the industry in the production of carbon fibre components for use in the demanding automotive industry, in the new mobility solutions sector and in the challenging world of racing, while demonstrating its ability to adapt to an industry that is constantly changing and evolving.

From advanced CNC machining technology to modern 3D printing tools, including the aforementioned production of carbon fibre components, Adamastor Advanced Technologies’ experience, expertise and excellent service has made it the choice of customers with specific needs, such as for the production of carbon fibre bodies and fuel tanks for off-road racing vehicles, propellers for wind power generation, among other high-precision components, where tight tolerances are crucial for the application and consequent correct operation of the component under working conditions.

In this context, Adamastor’s network of partners is also one of its main assets. Each of its partners offers the experience and technical expertise needed to achieve the best results, meeting the high quality standards and demands of its customers. Examples include partnerships with Creodynamics – virtual simulation of a wind tunnel with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, as used in Formula 1; with Canopy – virtual simulation of races and lap times used by some of the teams in the FIA World Endurance Championship and Formula 2; and with Altair – FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulation software.

On the 3D modelling front, Adamastor’s team also has the skills and the most advanced tools available for developing rendering projects and modelling components and associated systems. Adamastor’s various in-house technology projects include an innovative suspension system developed entirely in-house, registered and published under an international patent. Mastery of computer-aided design and simulation tools such as Solidworks and Siemens NX software allows Adamastor Advanced Technologies to cover all phases of component modelling projects, from design to the production of the essential technical documentation.

In the prototyping business, Adamastor has the capacity to produce small series of mock-ups and prototypes, as well as to manufacture moulds and composites, and as far as simulation is concerned, in addition to the above-mentioned capacities, it is also able to carry out production studies, particularly with regard to casting, injection and stamping processes.

The company is currently involved in a research and concept development project for the production of structures to accommodate batteries for electric cars, positioning itself, thanks to its expertise and in-house developed technologies, at the forefront of the automotive sector.

Adamastor is also proud of the certification awarded by the Agência Nacional de Inovação (ANI) for its suitability to carry out research and development activities. The Portuguese company is proudly one of the 600 officially accredited in Portugal and currently has, through Adamastor Advanced Technologies, one of the most complete and well-prepared structures for the comprehensive production of engineering projects, covering the stages of market analysis, design and execution of the manufacturing plan, product licensing and development of its assembly lines, right through to final delivery to the client.

About Adamastor

We are a Portuguese low volume supercar manufacturer focused on innovation, technology and engineering. With a past focused on investments in research and development of projects in the sports car industry, in 2019, Adamastor decided to reposition its business on the development of a supercar.

Adamastor is a new low volume supercar builder, based in Porto, Portugal. Our HQ includes a new technological development center and workshops. Through the reinforcement of our team with professionals coming from the automotive industry and the development of an international network of partnerships, Adamastor is able to ensure access to the best motorsport technologies, equipment and components.

We are driven by the desire of building a competition car. A state-of-the-art in terms of efficiency, which will allow us to win in the GT category and, at the same time, launch the Road Legal version. In a near future, we want to compete in the 24H Le Mans.

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Production of high-quality carbon fibre components at the core of the business
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