From Cotton Road to Stadiums: Power China’s Impact on Benin’s Development

BEIJING, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from CRI Online:

Power Construction Corporation of China (Power China), a leader in global infrastructure development and key player in the Belt and Road initiative, has significantly impacted sustainable development in African nations. Among its projects, the Cotton Road project in Benin exemplifies Power China’s commitment to delivering high-quality infrastructure solutions that directly benefit local populations.

The Cotton Road serves as a vital transportation artery in Benin’s cotton-producing region. Upon completion, the thoroughfare is expected to significantly enhance road transportation efficiency, lower cotton production and export costs, and improve the competitiveness of local cash crops. Throughout the project, Power China has prioritized localized training, appointing local personnel, and generating job opportunities for the local community.

Following the successful completion of the Cotton Road project, Power China has expanded its portfolio with several stadium projects which have quickly become modern landmarks within the region. Additionally, Power China has demonstrated its community commitment through the renovation of several municipal roads, notably in Cotonou, where previously narrow, congested roads have been transformed into broad avenues facilitating smooth traffic flow. This development has garnered high praise from local residents.

As a frontrunner in the global expansion of Chinese businesses and a steadfast participant in the Belt and Road initiative, Power China has used its expertise to not only advance local economic prosperity but also to improve the quality of life in these communities. The commitment has played a crucial role in the initiative’s success.

Local media in Benin has been supportive. One widely-read newspaper commented, “Power China’s robust strength, rich experience, and stellar international reputation are pivotal factors that led the Benin government to select it as the project contractor.” The editorial went on to applaud the outstanding results achieved at every phase of the project.

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