IMC Pan Asia Alliance Is Now Known as Tsao Pao Chee Group

SINGAPORE, April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — IMC Pan Asia Alliance (IMCPAA) unveiled a historic rebrand as (TPC) Tsao Pao Chee Group Pte Ltd at the AT ONE International Festival in Suzhou, China today. This significant milestone, under the helm of fourth-generation steward and Chavalit Frederick Tsao, Chairman, TPC (Tsao Pao Chee) Group propels the company into an exciting new era laser-focused on impactful investments and fostering a well-being economy.

TPC (Tsao Pao Chee Group) Chairman, Chavalit Frederick Tsao

The TPC brand honours the company’s original tradename, Tsao Pao Chee, which dates back about 120 years during the Qing Dynasty. It signals its evolved commitment to creating value through stewardship, collaboration, and entrepreneurship in service of life’s flourishing. This rebrand echoes Chavalit’s clarion vision: transforming family businesses into catalysts for positive change across societies.

“This is more than just turning the page. We need to go back to finding our own roots, our own culture, our own morality, and ethical traditions. Therefore, I decided to return to our roots and bring back the original trade name of the family business used by my great grandfather because that has always been our true brand, ” Chavalit said.

The rebranding is more than just a new name and logo. It symbolises the dedication to aligning business success with the betterment of lives and communities. Under the TPC banner, the company is poised to leverage its history of innovation and strategic partnerships to drive sustainable growth. Strategic business verticals like IMC Industrial and OCTAVE will reorient toward adding value to co-create the well-being economy. TPC’s investment arms have already redirected USD 320 million to invest in the impact and well-being sectors.

TPC is also transforming its approach to corporate philanthropy by incorporating it into its business culture. Three non-profit units have been established to achieve this: OCTAVE Institute, No.17 Foundation, and Restore Nature Foundation, which focuses on restoring human relationships, collaboration, and nature, respectively.

Mr Tsao Wa-Chang founded TPC in the late 1800s. Over four generations, for nearly 120 years, the company evolved from a traditional shipping company into a multinational business. Today, TPC is transforming into a purpose-driven profit business with a mission to “serve human well-being and create wealth at the same time.”

Under Chavalit’s stewardship, OCTAVE, which fused wisdom from Eastern practices with modern science, is created to foster individual and collective growth. Chavalit’s founding of OCTAVE and involvement in various philanthropic endeavours speak to his commitment to stewarding the business as a purpose-led profit institution.

The brand’s new logo melds English and Chinese characters into one holistic emblem, and the colour “Awakening Red” represents new materialism. TPC’s corporate colour, emerald green, reflects TPC’s deep reverence for nature as the source of life, while its crisp, flowing geometry symbolises constant evolution and the open exchange of ideas.

TPC calls on entrepreneurs, investors, economists and socially conscious leaders across the globe to join them in co-creating an economy where purpose and profit flourish in tandem. Through innovation, courage, and the radical embrace of interconnectedness, TPC is committed to driving progress where it matters most – the flourishing of all life.

About Tsao Pao Chee Group Pte Ltd

TPC (Tsao Pao Chee) is a purpose-led-profit family business consisting of OCTAVE, IMC Industrial, and various non-profit organisations operating as one integrated system to create a well-being business ecosystem. The company’s headquarters is in Singapore, with a strong presence in China, Indonesia, and Thailand. TPC employs more than 8000 people.

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