Nikki Haley vows to cut every dollar sent to enemies like Pakistan and China

Grand Old Party (GOP) Presidential candidate Nikki Haley has said that if voted to power, she will cut every cent in foreign aid for countries that hate the US. This includes China, Pakistan and other adversaries as “a strong America doesn’t pay off the bad guys”. “I will cut every cent in foreign aid for countries that hate us. A strong America doesn’t pay off the bad guys. A proud America doesn’t waste our people’s hard-earned money.

Nikki Haley vows to cut every dollar sent to enemies like Pakistan and ChinaAnd the only leaders who deserve our trust are those who stand up to our enemies and stand beside our friends,” Ms Haley, the former governor of South Carolina and former US ambassador to the UN, wrote in an op-ed for the New York Post. According to Ms Haley, America spent $46 billion on foreign aid last year. That’s more than any other country by far. Taxpayers deserve to know where that money is allocated and what it’s doing. They will be shocked to find that much of it is used to fund anti-American countries and causes.

It is the first time an Indian American woman from the Republican Party has run for president. Haley introduced herself as the proud daughter of Indian immigrants pitching for a brighter future for the Republican party. This was as the former governor of South Carolina and ambassador to the United Nations took to the stage. Ms Haley in the Op-ed, while citing examples said that the US has given Iran more than $2 billion over the last few years, even though its government is getting closer to the murderous thugs in Iran who shout “Death to America!” and launch attacks on our troops.

“The Biden administration resumed military aid to Pakistan, though it’s home to at least a dozen terrorist organizations and its government is deeply in hock to China. Team Biden restored half a billion dollars to a corrupt United Nations agency that’s supposed to help the Palestinian people but in fact covers deeply anti-Semitic propaganda against our ally Israel,” she said.

In the UN, Zimbabwe has one of the most anti-American voting records. The US has given Zimbabwe hundreds of millions of dollars. Even though Communist China poses a serious threat to Americans, American taxpayers still fund ridiculous environmental programs. As Vladimir Putin’s closest ally, Belarus receives money from us. According to Haley’s Op-ed in the New York Post, we even give money to Communist Cuba, a country our own government has designated as a sponsor of terrorism.

“This is not just Joe Biden. It’s been happening for decades under presidents of both parties. Our foreign aid policies are stuck in the past. They typically operate on autopilot, with no consideration for the conduct of the countries that receive our aid. It will take a determined president to root out these taxpayer rip-offs.”

As a presidential candidate, Ms Haley said she wanted to restore the strength, pride, and trust of the American people. It is smart to support American allies and friends, such as Israel and Ukraine. It’s not right to send our tax dollars to enemies. The same way I was that ambassador, I’ll be that president. “As ambassador, I strongly supported President Donald Trump’s decision to cut nearly $2 billion of military aid to Pakistan because that country supports terrorists who kill American troops.

Despite being a major victory for our troops, our taxpayers, and our vital interests, it didn’t go nearly far enough. We’ve still given them too much aid in other areas. I will block every penny as president,” the US presidential candidate wrote. Announcing her candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination for 2024 on February 15 (Wednesday), Indian American leader Nikki Haley aimed to move beyond the “stale ideas” of the past.